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One of the highlights of Chris’ ministry was the opportunity to speak to students of the Banjul Bible Training Center in the Gambia, West Africa during 2004. God clearly brought all the people together for this ministry as, at the time, Chris was unknown to the people. The director of the center (Alieu Bayo) was praying that God would direct him to the man who should lead a three day retreat for the graduating class.

It was amazing how a “chance” email to Chris from a man who had a distance connection with Chris sparked a recognition that the two shared a common faith. That led to an inquiry, would Chris consider coming to Africa to lead a retreat and provide some Bible classes in various churches in the area? At the time, the idea intrigued Chris, but he never thought it would develop beyond the informal request.

However, God had already made the plan. Within five months, Chris was on a plane heading for the small sliver of a country that once served as a major port of the slave trade. Over a period of eight days Chris taught at churches, preached during a weekend retreat and then provided the keynote address for the students and graduating class of the Banjul Bible Training Center. Over 600 people from this 95% Muslim country crowded the convention hall to celebrate and hear the presentation of the Gospel. It was an experience that had a profound affect on Chris and led him to organize two return trips (2006 and 2008) to provide medical ministry, prison ministry, school outreach and even outreach to the local police departments with a service program.

The seed of “Be a Berean” ministries was planted long before the encounter in Africa. However, after seeing the excitement of the believers in Gambia, even in the midst of proverty and lack of resources, Chris was more convinced to press forward. The start was simple, find ways to help people join and advance in the journey of faith. For some that meant basic study resources and the availability of bible teachers who could present the Scriptures with passion. For others the need is for easy access to resources for digging deeper.

“Be a Berean” ministries provides support at the level of your need. It starts with this simple website that will continue to provide access to resources for personal study. The resources will continue to improve as more sites are discovered, papers made available and tools are added to enhance the versatility of the site. Additionally, “Be a Berean” is available to provide live events, such as retreats, pulpit supply and even things like the Old and New Testament Walk Thru the Bible seminars.

The premise of “Be a Berean” is simple, God’s word is powerful enough to to change lives. All it really takes is a desire to see the truth; God always wants to deliver to those who look to him. The biblical text behind this ministry is Acts 17:11. It tells us of a people group called the Bereans who, when confronted with the Gospel message, dug into Scriptures to confirm what they had heard. We don’t spoon feed the message, we tell it like it is in a way that allows you to dig deeper and confirm the truth. Together we join the journey of faith and trust God for the results.

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