Day #1 – The Journey Begins

The Joy of Life

Christianity is more than Sunday morning worship and Scripture.  Christianity is life lived in abundance.  Enjoying God’s creation and watching the ups and downs played out everyday.  Learning from experience and seeking a glimpse of God at work not only in your life, but in the world around you.

The journey of faith is filled with amazing things.  My posts for the next couple of weeks will follow my journey across the country on Route 66.  Join me as we see the sights and meet some of the people along the way.

The first couple of days will be only the early stages.  On September 2nd I will be making the move from visiting family in Kentucky to heading to my starting point on Route 66 in St Louis, MO.  Let’s enjoy the ride.  Video links are included (see below).

This Biker’s prayer:

Almighty God, watch over me as I ride. Keep me aware of my surroundings and my limitations. Keep me mindful of others around me and bless this journey. As I venture to Route 66, amaze me with your creation. Allow me to see your handiwork and to remember that your works declare your power and your glory.

Garmin VIRB XE Day 1 video two different mount locations; helmet and windshield mounts.  Starting a Route 66 trip, but traveling first to Kentucky.  The windshield mount had noticeable vibrations.  I plan to test that mount for a reduction in vibration.

I am using YouTube to link my videos:  Click this link.  Please feel free you post your comments.

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